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A schistose metamorphic rock with glaucophane as the major (>5%) constituent. The use of prefixes (jadeite bearing glaucophane-phengite-schist) is.

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Glaucophane facies, one of the major divisions of the mineral facies classification of metamorphic rocks, the rocks of which, because of their peculiar mineralogy,.

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Glaucophane is named from a combination of the Greek words Glaukos, meaning "blue", and Phainelein, . Glaucophane forms a series with the less-common Ferro-glaucophane, where .. Hammers, Chisels, Loupes, Cotton-filled boxes, etc.

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Glaucophane Schist supplied in a card tray with label. From the Isle Of Anglesey, Wales, UK. Also known as Blue Schist.

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Glaucophane is the name of a mineral and a mineral group belonging to the sodic amphibole supergroup of the double chain inosilicates, with the chemical.